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Comic Collector Live's iPhone App by The_Valiant_One

The upcoming iPhone application from gives God a great reason to add another hour to the clock on Wednesdays when new comics ...

How to Add An Issue to Your Collection - Comic Collector Live Software Tutorials #2

Steve Boyd aka The_Valiant_One shows you how to add an issue to your collection in the Comic Collector Live software. The software shown in the video is ...

CLZ Comics - Comic Collection iPhone App

Short review of the very useful comic collecting iPhone app I use called CLZ comics - comic collection. This is a very useful app and has helped me a great deal ...

CLZ Comics Catalog App Review

Have you ever been at a comic shop and come across a beautiful cover that you instantly knew you wanted to buy but forgot if you actually had it yet? Fear no ...

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CLZ by collectorZ.

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Marvel: Contest of Champions - Hacked COLLECTOR Review

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CLZ Game Collectors App review / impressions

I do have to say overall I do like the app BUT having an offline feature for this would be great if you wanted to add a new game, etc. You can purchase the app on ...

My Little Pony: Power Ponies - iPad iPhone Android APP for KIDS

The My Little Pony: Power Ponies app is a blend of storybook and comic that finds Spike understanding that you can read a book anywhere today.

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